Too many points in an OT font?

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Is it possible to have too many points in an OT font?
Seems unlikely as one can have some 65,000 odd characters.

The font in question fails to generate (Fontlab stalls while
generating the file - but doesn't crash). When I generate the
file as a normal T1 file is generates fine. If I generate only
caps and lowercase (by deleting all other characters) the file
manages to generate - but very slowly.

(the font has many many points)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I had a similar problem once Eric. IIRC, I managed to 'solve' it by unchecking (in the Tools > Options > OpenType panel) the 'Use subroutines to compress outlines in OTF fonts' box.

That's probably a very white trash solution - hopefully someone else has something more intelligent - but it got my font sorted.


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Hallo Eric,

him, I think your fontlab is not dead. It uses the adobe fdk to generate the CFF encoding. It seems you have turned on the option "use subroutines to compress..."

Turn it off and it should work very fast. I have tested some complex fonts too, and the subroutinizing process can take a lot of time. My record was 9 hours on a 1GHz Athlon to encode.

without compression 900 kb fontdata
with compression 300 kb fontdata

So, if you made your final version, turn the compression on and next morning your font is done! ;-)

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Nathan and Andreas -

That was it!
Thank you kindly.

I'm interested to see how long the compressed version
may take to generate...

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