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I like it! It instantly reminded me of water or something maritime. That's due to the tilde I guess. The italic subheading adds nicely to that illusion. If you choose a blueish colour scheme for your final version, the illusion is perfect.

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Strong :)

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Norwegian! Neutraface is an excellent choice. I'd probably set the tagline without those swashes though – as of now it's drawing to much attention to itself in my opinion. Also, depending on the final size, Farnham Regular might work better.

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It's very beautiful. Great work!

Just one observation: for instances where the mark appears in relatively smaller sizes, you may need to rework the relation between the logo and the descriptor to make the latter bigger.

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Love your work on this. Can't see the last picture you posted.


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Excellent work. I think I'm gonna have fish for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the appetizer!

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Very nice.

If you can't see it try here.

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That looks great!

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Cheers guys. Thanks for adding the link picard102 :)

I'll have a think about the issue with small sizes.

However, i've tried to use the "tagline" with farnham regular, but it gives no contrast to the wordtype and they are both very stable, so
i think it added an intresting contrast having the tagline in italic and swash.

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Love it. Wow!

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Norwegian, yay.
I hate klippfisk more than anything, but maybe I'd buy it just to look at the package design ;D

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It's a very nice and simple wordmark.

I think you should look at the overall weights of the letters and possibly re-draw some of them to harmonize better. The A and V stand out to me right away as having stroke weights that are too thin in comparison to, say, the R and the L.

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Wow, lovely.

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Bummed. Can't see the lovely mark everyone is talking about.

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