Where can I find ITC Avant Garde alternative characters?

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Hi all, I've seen several posts saying how much people love/hate ITC Avante Garde... Whether you love it or hate it, I need the alternative characters for it!

Specifically the slanted versions of characters like the 'A' and 'W' etc.

I have a selection of the normal type weights just not the alternative characters.

If anyone can shed some light on how to find them, I would really appreciate it!


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Hi Tom,

how to find them

Search typophile (via Google, that is – as the built-in search is kinda quirky)


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Do a web search for Eisner + Flake, that foundry has Avante Garde Alternatives, but the characters aren't drawn the same size as an Adobe Font, so you really need their version of Avante Garde or you will have to fake it if you use alternatives with Adobe font.

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The OpenType version from Monotype has it also…

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