Photocopier, any experts?

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I have become somewhat obsessed with the STAMP features that are available in most photocopiers.

For Internal Use Only

etc, etc.

Does anyone know if it is possible to author the typographic content of these stamps? So far I have only managed to create 'user stamps', which are scans, not inbuilt information. In short I want to preserve the typeface (which is lovely and bitmapped) but with different text.

Thanks, as always


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I'm no expert on this, but if I had to guess I'd say it depends on the copier.
Read the operations manual. It's usually stored in a slot behind one of the service doors on the unit. That should provide some hints.

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What make of copier? I might have a contact from the fonts side depending on brand.

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Thanks, sorry for the slow reply. It seems that a lot of Canon photocopiers have this function, which allows you to create your own stamps in Courier. I found some manuals hidden inside the machines but the majority of their content was concerned with fax, not copy for some reason.

In the end I used an Aficio model, with the default stamps. It was some kind of bitmapped and stretched Times I think. Yes stretched :)


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Sorry don't have any contacts at Canon. Maybe post a scan to the ID board.


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