What is the best place to learn how to do type?

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I have recently graduated in graphic design, and i just feel like learning all about making type.

The one problem is that in my country (portugal) there aren't any graduation courses or masters on type.
Keeping in mind that my main languages are portuguese and english (i also speek a litle of spanish), were do you advise me to go in order to learn how to make type (country/university/course)?

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Just lurk around on Typophile and buy all the books people mention.

Also, GO TO TYPECON. I cannot even begin to describe how much one learns from sitting around in a room full of type junkies listening to type designers talking about designing type.

Edit: Someone just handed me a poster from Basel, they’re doing a type design workshop from July 7-11. Baselschoolofdesign.ch

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>July 7-11. Baselschoolofdesign.ch

I've always been intrigued by Basel, but really, you are going to need a few semesters or a few years to learn how to do type, not a few days.

Travel to TypeCon is expensive from Europe, even given the weak dollar. Europe has a lot of great conferences, too, like TYPO Berlin and most of the annual ATypI conferences. But actually, given a lot of the travel and accommodation costs, TypeCon may not end up being more expensive…

Regarding language, both the University of Reading (UK) and the Dutch Royal Academy of the Arts in the Hague teach their Masters courses in English.

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You are right, Dan, a workshop isn’t much in the greater journey toward being a type designer. But little workshops here and there are great steps along the way—especially if one wants to make connections, learn about the community, and build a portfolio for getting into grad school.

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True that! But one does not need a portfolio of typeface designs to get into a graduate program for typeface design. I think how applicants have used text in documents previously is more important than whether or not they have designed any type yet.

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Hey, Pedro,

There are also books and websites that you might want to check. See these threads for more info:



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Why not offer your services as an intern to a local foundry?

I know of Feliciano, Vanarchiv, DS Type, no doubt there are more.

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TypeCon being in Buffalo this year means less expensive for those "across the pond". Given how strong your Euro is right now I'd say TypeCon would be less expensive than going to TypoBerlin, no?

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Hi Pedro,

I would like to invite you to assist one of my classes at ESAD - Matosinhos.
I teach Typographic Studies there, and we are going to start FontLab lessons.

Soon some workshops and post-graduate courses will be available.
If you're interested you can email me.


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Ok. I allready have some intresting sugestions here (i am really intrested in the post-graduate course dino mentioned to be soon available). Thank's to everybody for your sugestions.

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