Recommendations for typefaces for artsy short film project

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Hello typophiles!

Here's a challenge, or perhaps a brainteaser.

I'm just about to start editing a short movie of my own devising, and I'm looking for the right typefaces for my titles. I know enough about type to be dangerous, but not enough to sound properly educated in typography, so excuse me if I'm a little imprecise in my descriptions.

I'm looking for a couple of different font families, both of which need to work well on screen (big screen, small screen and computer screen) as well as in print:

One sans-serif display font, quite weighty. At the moment I have Helvetica Black as a placeholder. I enjoy its meatiness, but I'd like to find a font with rounded dots. This font will be used for short sentences in the trailer, for names in the opening titles, and for one word of the title of the movie. It will also feature in the movie title on printed publicity materials.

One sans-serif body text font, a lighter weight in the same family as the previous font. This font will be used for end credits and in the body text of publicity materials.

One script font. This is the tricky bit. The script font needs to complement and contrast with the sans-serif font. It should look casual, elegant and - if possible - French.

I'm open to all suggestions. If I select your pairing for the movie, you'll receive screen credit and a copy of the finished piece on DVD. If anyone on this board suggests a good pairing, typophile will be thanked too. I can't offer much more than that, I'm afraid.

If you'd like to find out more about the movie, please take a look at


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