Festive, "Party" type suggestions?

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I've been given the opportunity to do a logotype for an indoor entertainment complex.. The guy currently assigned the job has turned in a bunch of dreck and I can swoop in and steal the show/money.

The place has ski-ball, video games, lasertag, bumper cars, ball pits that smell of urine, putt-putt, hot dogs, pizza, and hundreds of screaming sticky children. So, I need something fun and festive, but not Curlz or, you know, anything else really awful. Oh yeah, and the place is called "Grand Event," which implies something classy... ergh.

I'm currently thinking House's Ed Roman, or perhaps some variation of Burbank. They have some class but are still "kooky" and "fun." I'm hoping you guys will perhaps suggest something that comes at this from an angle I haven't really considered yet.

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House is great. Couldn't really recommend more. But I also use Asphalt and Cafeteria as a sort of "go to" combination when I need fun. If you adjust the baseline and rotation for the characters they get pretty whacky too.

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Additional: I think the Fontdiner serves fine quality for these occasions.

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