What is the best way to create a specimen book?

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I am presently running Opperating System 10.2 and am searching for the best method/application to help me create a specimen book. Any suggestions? I am using Font Reserve as my font handler and am aware of it's ability to create specimen pages but I find it annoying to work with and am unsatisfied with my choices for specimen templates. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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I'm a waaays back in the Dark Ages at OS 8.6... and love ATM Deluxe out of which I made the mother of all specimen books (of course it's out of control and poorly organized but I'm still learning) ...

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Sadly, I'm running a PC, but I use a program called Printer's Apprentice to create my specimens. I'm not sure if there's a Mac version available, but it's got good choices for sample sheets. Cheers.

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There's a program called TypeBook by Jim Lewis you can probably find by doing a Google search. I have printed several specimen books with this application and it's quite customizable - I go with the line showing outputs.

Stuart :D

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FontGander is a really great tool where you can make your own customized pages. You can control everything. I'm not sure if they have an OSX version.

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This works pretty well, and has a OSX version. It has several good template options- over ten I think. Plus, you can make your own if you'd like. Is ships with Suitcase 10 or as shareware ($10). This one might be what you need.

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After looking around and even trying a few different programs (FontBook and FontVista) I've come to the conclusion that Font Reserve is supperior and probably my best option.

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Is it too late to restart this thread? I just got a new Mac and am finally making the transition to OSX. Among the Classic casualties is Font Gander, which I had had all set up with my own umpteen fonts per page templates/plug-ins. Doesn't work running in Classic under OSX 10.3.4. (OK, it prints and displays, but everything is jaggy, so it's useless. I made a few attempts to activate the fonts I wanted to print in the Classic fonts folder, but to no avail). I wasn't planning on keeping my old OS9 Mac around indefinitely; are there any OSX apps around that will do specimen pages with multiple fonts per page? Thanks...

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