Keeping x-height when importing into Fontographer

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Hi, does anyone have any tips for importing from Illustrator to Fontographer? In particular I want to keep all the characters at least proportional to each other and ideally I would like to keep the x-height when importing lowercase chrs. FG automatically fits imports to the em sq.
I guess a workaroung is required? I thought about drawing an em sq. box around all the characters in Illustrator before importing and then deleting it in FG. Is there a better way? How the experienced typographers do it?

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In illustrator, make a narrow box that extends from the top of your ascenders to the bottom of your descenders. Line it up with your first character, A for example, and follow it with your remaining characters all set on your baseline. Select all, copy, then paste into a character box in FOG. Next deselect the character you want to remain and cut, move to the next character box, paste and repeat till your done and finally remove the bar. I've heard some people only copy A-G, then H-whatever and so on. But I have never had a problem doing the whole set successfully. Check out Chank for a clearer explanation.

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