Muralista Font ! I hope you enjoy!

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Hello everybody,

This is my typography "muralist," inspired by the work of posters and murals for 70 years in Chile. It is a font dysplay to short texts. I worked from sketches by hand, illustrator and then fontlab(I am learning to use ,XD).

He worked in relation to how the glyphs together and distances reading, but trying to keep the manual aspect of the muralists, it should work in large sizes larger than 18 pts. I hope you enjoy!

I can give your opinion

Jorge Cisterna from PuertoFonts

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Designs like this make me want to brush up on my Spanish and move very, very South of here. It gives me a warm feeling that makes me want to be at a beach party with a daiquiri in one hand and a piña coloda in the other.

But there is an imbalance created by uneven horizontal weight distribution, particularly in the majuscules, that makes many of these letters appear to lean left. There is also an illusion in some letters, such as d that makes the right vertical edge appear too steep, some optical correction is needed

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James Thanks for your comment

I could explain more about what you mean as steep, but another glyph apart from the d?

XD but where I live is not as tropical most of the time is quite cold. Puerto Montt, Chile, far south

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I think the caps are working the best here. The lower case has a lot of spacing issues (in "LatinoAmerica" for example) and the "c" and "e" are not distinct enough.

This doesn't seem at all tropical to me - it looks more like something I'd see on a poster encouraging Chilean pride. :)

If you do another version, I'd love to see it.

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This is the fifth font I see that rescues the communist spirit of Chile in the 70's.
These fonts are all very good and beautiful, but none of them have the power to say "only when politicians will be dead, people will be happy" (with a gun and a flower).

To understand this lettering style you have to place yourself inside the mind of the person who made these signs (mono gonzález), and draw this letter forms hating fascism, social injustice and racism.
If you can write "happy valentine's day" with this typeface, then something's going wrong with it.

Perhaps you should ask yourself 3 questions:

-why my font doesn't have the spirit of the political fury of communist 70's?
-does "muralisa" have what it takes to give answer to the forms of the signs painted by "brigada ramona parra"?
-and most importantly: where I can use this font?

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Very nice work, Jorge! It does remind me of the murals I saw in the poblaciones outside of Santiago, when I was visiting there in the early 90s.

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Thanks for all the comments
If you agree, that the Caps are more developed because they nature of this typography into the caps, I am working on lower case c and e to differentiate better. Spacing I have not even worked.

degregorio (en español :)
Excelente comentario, creo que hay hartas tipografias por que que existen varios referentes y distintas interpretaciones. Coincido a que nadie rescatado la furia de estos carteles, ese es un concepto complejo al parecer que se tiende aminorar.
Con respecto a muralista no es un letra furiosa, para nada, de hecho es un letra que alza la voz en un tono mas de concenso que de grito furioso. Por supuesto no es como para escribir una tarjeta de felicitaciones, sino para titulares o logotipos con caracter idealista.

Ricardo Cordoba:
Thanks, more progress soon.

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I know nothing of the political fury of Chilean communism, but I like the font anyway.

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va bien compadre!
es verdad que noe s Comunismo Furioso, pero no todo el comunismo es furioso.
Recordemos las peñas, los niños jugando alrededor de victor jara, o las vacaciones populares de la "villa feliz". Yo creo que hay cierto positivismo incluso en los muralistas. Y lo más importante, que sea inspirada no quiere dcir que tiene qu ser textual.

Ahora coincido en que hay desajustes importantes en el interlineado, cierta falta de equilibrio. El ojito de la "a" es un poco chico y los hombros de las "n" es poco pronunciado en tamaños pequeños. Eso veo asi a simple vista.

se añade a mi firma:
“only when politicians will be dead, people will be happy”
• jko •

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¡Eso es buenísimo Colega! Sigue! Salud.


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I love the k and x. I like the concept a lot :)

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Thanks to all for your comments

The show, a preview of the typography, adjusted especially in the visual weight of the vertical strokes. Hopefully I can give their views.

Jko: Coincido contigo en lo de la furia . Estoy trabajando en esas corrrecciones.




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This version is better

Pulento bacán*



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Gracias jko, estoy trabajando ahora en los pares de kerning y demás caracteres

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