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Hi. Well 1st it's nice to meet you guys.

I've been getting a lot of tips from this forum for the past year now and I feel that I'm coming to the right place for help here.
It's my 1st post and I desperately need help in redesigning a company's stationery set.

Here they have a logo which unfortunately are against the idea of a new concept but what they require is a complete revamp of their stationery.
I'm trying to give them a "wallpaper" look . Strong images accompanied with a clean layout. meaning to say lots of breathing space.
I just can't for the life of me figure out what font would suit it best.

I've tried going with the norm of sans for headers and serif for body copy but it just doesn't suit it for some reason. So far the best that works for me is segoe light(free font) and frutiger/myriad. Here's what I have so far. Would appreciate any critique or any suggestions for matching fonts. Thanks!

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Sorry forgot to include that my clients really want a fresh look.. They're land developers so their stuff needs to be totally corporate but now infused with something a bit more modern which compliments their grotesk logo. Somewhere along the lines of Apple. Anyone know what fonts apple uses besides myriad anyways?

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How about Apex?

Apex New


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Well, one way would be to not have a serif at all and create hierarchy by using different weights and versions of the same sans. Sharon suggests a great option with Apex. The new featured face Clan may also work for you; as would some of the DTL faces like Argo and Prokyon.

The other safe way would be to look at some of the supefamilies like Quadraat or Fedra that have sans and serifs in a wide range of weights and variants. This list may be helpful.

And if it's just a serif that you're looking for to match with Myriad/Frutiger, Swift should work real well.

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Hey thanks. Apex looks real sweet. I'll try convincing my clients to stretch a lil more on the budget to get it but for now I think I'm stuck with segoe. Gonna take writingdesigning's suggestion on the weights. So far it's looking ok with dialog light. Looks a lot like myriad except for a few characters, the loops are open, not closed.
Would have used myriad itself but I think it's getting a bit too over-used.

Thanks for the tips! I'll drop a preview of the next draft soon.

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