maybe a stupid question about fontlab

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hello everybody,

i'm just starting out using fontlab, on the recomandation of a few nice people here i ordered the "lessie cabarga / learn fontlab fast" book but haven't received it yet.

in the meantime i'm hoping someone here can help me out with a lilt problem i'm having in fontlab, maybe its a stupid question but i can't seem to figure it out for myself.

problem 1:

the font i'm making has lots of slant lines, but how do i make every slant line have the exact same angle degree? what function in font lab do i use to make sure everything has the exact same angle degree..width..

i have posted a screenshot maybe that clears out my question a bit.

i would really appreciate the help

kind regards


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Use the rotate feature and type in whatever number of degrees you want. You can also make some components that are triangles of the desired degrees and mirror and rotate them as needed. You can copy and paste the parts from glyph to glyph.


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thank you for helping dezcom, i'm going to try it now and let you know how i did...cheers

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I would recommend that you pick up Leslie’s book The Complete Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible to complement Learn Fontlab Fast. It’s full of useful construction techniques like the one Chris mentioned, fully illustrated and dripping with humor. That book is so good I had a very hard time not giving Leslie a big hug when I met him last summer.

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thnx for the tip james...whenever i saved up some more money i will buy it..i'm just a poor graphic design student trying to make ends meet.

@dezcom thnx again, it worked!

cheers guys have a nice weekend

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