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Does anyone know who designed this and who to contact regarding licensing? We don't want to get into a legal issue with Nokia.

Don't get me started about freeware fonts.

Many thanks.

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No, not Spiekermann's typeface, but this:

An art director used this in one of our communications pieces and we're left with sorting this mess out.

Any info would be great. Otherwise I'm recommending they have to use another typeface.

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I'd say any typeface based off an existing corporate logo is something you don't want to mess with for any sort of commercial work.

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Depending on which way you want to go, I'd suggest either Changeling or Eurostile Extended as less questionable alternates.

- Lex

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Judging by the name of the font the designer is Finnish. The name means Nokia's official font.
I agree with Aluminium and Lex, best to change it.

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