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This is a typeface-sketch i worked on for some time ago. My first idea was to to have a fixed on every letter. But that doesn't seem to work.

Any solutions?

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I think some of the letters work fine, but others are too forced. Relax the rules, expand the directions.

BTW, don't use JPEG for type settings! I can see the stretch marks... GIF is king.


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Per, I think the first version is a good basic. Hrant said it right, relax and follow the direction the font takes you in. Keep it simple.
I like the pointy-left-under-thingy (what is it called anyway?). Use it also for the "a" and "b". With that you can make a really nice font. It will look like leafs from a tree.

Keep it up. I'm looking forward for the numerals.


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