Font conflict with Helvetica Neue in Leopard, FontExplorer X

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Hi there,

I just installed Leopard (and I use Linotype FontExplorer X) which appears to have Helvetica Neue included as a system font. My full version of Helvetica Neue (larger family) is now conflicting when i activate it.

It's good having it as a system font, but quite infuriating when It's also part of a separate, greater family.

Is there a solution to this? I get 3 conflict messages every time I start up! Argh!


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you can easily replace the Helvetica Neue in your system folder (root) with your full version. more info here: fonts in leopard

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Chris, this thread might interest you.

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If you install your version of Helvetica Neue in the user Fonts folder (/Users//Library/Fonts/), it will take precedence over the system's version. (Mac OS X's order of font precedence is documented here

Once you do that, InDesign will start using your version. Photoshop and Illustrator will also use your version, but if the version you have is Type 1 format, then Ps and Ai will also make available the system's version in the font menus. This is because the system's version is TrueType and both Ps and Ai are able to distinguish the two families, even if the fonts have the same names. The app's font menu will display a red 'a' icon in front of the Type 1 version, and an icon with two blue 'T's in front of the TrueType version.

Now, I would assume that FontExplorer is respecting the OS's precedence order, but I don't use FontExplorer or any font manager so I can't say for sure.

BTW, this font conflict only happens with the Type 1 and TrueType versions of Helvetica Neue, since the fonts have the same names as the ones installed at the system level. The OpenType version of the Helvetica Neue family doesn't have this problem as the fonts have the string 'Std' in their names.

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