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...Sorry about the many posts. I kept getting server errors and trying again.

I swear it wasn't just to get noticed!

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I actually tried editing my posts (though I didn't really know what I would have done with it, probably look for a "delete" button) but the site said i wasn't logged in as emilie, although it said "Welcome, emilie" on top of my screen....... Go figure ;-)

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What I do is wait like 10 seconds after sending a post and then refresh.

If it doesn't show up immediately try refreshing again in a couple minutes, and if not then, try posting again.

I stop the errors before I get a chance to get them.

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Deleting double posts is one of the reasons I'm allowed to hang out here ... ;^)

No need to apologize. In fact, the best thing you can do when you double post is edit the second (third, fourth ... tenth) double post and replace all of the text with "x2". That makes it a lot easier (more noticeable for me.)


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