Hermann Ihlenburg's Nymphic

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Okay, here it is. I've been working on this project since Christmas. Maybe you've seen my string hunting for these letter forms, but i finally found em all and did my best to digitize them. As with most designs that I respect, i've started to work on international characters and a cyrillic set to match, but haven't gotten too far on those yet. I would set some text for you, but i haven't messed with the spacing much yet. I need some help in that regard anyway. if any of you want to point me toward some good sources... Any comments at all are appreciated, so lemme know what you think of these letter forms. I tried my hand at two � glyphs, but don't know if either work. help please! also how do the thorns look? Anyone who's versed in Cyrillic, i'd love to hear what you have to say on my small assortment of glyphs, especially the m'agk'ii znak. And what do you all think of that Euro symbol? does it work? Anyhow, hope to get something back on this one. Thnx in advance.
P.S. Swash caps are in the works as well.

application/pdfHere goes nuffin!
FirstPass.pdf (23.7 k)

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very nice!
I belive the swedish store Kapp Ahl is using a very similar typeface.

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don't tell me that!!! lol

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This is really awesome, tho I think I've already said that.

I hope I'm not being a pain, but I think the quotation marks look a little plain next to all those fantastic letters. I'm not sure what I have in mind... maybe a bit more curl would do it?

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well, since it's in the News area now, i may as well post a link here, too. Thanks for all yer help, folks!


the OT version has more glyphs than i have typophile posts!

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Congrats, Paul.

"Almost 1000 glyphs" ... the hours of work involved.

It's a beauty!

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