Microsoft typeface/logotype?

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just wondering if anyone knows who designed the microsoft typeface/logotype, or what the typeface is called?

this one:


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Not sure if this post at the MyFonts forums is
accurate, but I do know I couldn't find anything
closer than Franklin Gothic.

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well i checked franklin gothic demi italic/oblique and heavy italic/oblique against the logotype (weird how there is an italic as well as an oblique) and its definately not the same typeface. it may have been based on franklin gothic, but the character shapes are so different, i doubt it.

i read somewhere that a typeface was designed specifically for the microsoft logotype, and possibly only the letters of microsoft were done, not an entire typeface, although it didn't state who the designer was or what the typeface was called.

i did a lot of searches using google and just found it unusual that there was no information about the designer/company that designed the typeface/logotype, and did the branding.

bill gates conspiracy. ;P


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The corporate typeface is indeed Franklin Gothic.
I can't confirm whether that's the face for the
logotype itself. (But it wouldn't surprise me at all.)

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