British Steel

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This is a great logo. There seems to be some doubt about whether it was an original concept by David Gentleman or whether the Security Pacific Bank logo by Saul Bass was an influence.

Anyway, does anyone have a construction drawing for it?

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I'm not sure what you mean by a construction drawing, but here is an EPS

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Thanks for the link, but I'm talking about a drawing from the original id manual that is based on a square grid with circles of a particular circumference etc. I've seen one like it but it was years ago. Nobody ditches great identity manuals though. Do they?

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havn't got a copy to hand, but it think the drawing you describe is illustrated in david gentleman's 'design in miniture'.

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It must be very easy to figure out, you just need a decent resolution or vector sample and a couple of grids an circles in ilustrator or a printed version.


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Thanks Geraint.

Anyone got a copy of David Gentleman's 'Design in Miniature' and are the British Steel logo specs in there?

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