(x) House M.D. logo & opening credits - Futura, Century Gothic {Brett Jordan, Aashim Tyagi, Stephen}

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Anyone recognize it? (Not Century Gothic, not Johnston and definitely not Gill...)


House M.D. Logo17.54 KB
House opening credits199.42 KB
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'Doh. Yep - thanks!

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The second still looks like Century Gothic to me. Note the large x-height and goofy 'S' and 'R'.

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yep, you're right stephen, the credits look like century gothic... still think the main title is more 'futuraey' though... ah, those geometric sans, they're such copy cats :-)

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i guess... but i agree that main logo seems more like futura-ish.

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The wayfinding in Houses hospital is done in Gill Sans. ; )

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As for the names of the cast members, I vote Century Gothic.

The titles are here: http://vimeo.com/5848690

If you look at the name Robert Sean Leonard in that video, the crossbars of the E and of the A are at very close heights, whereas in Futura (and, for that matter, in Tw Cen MT), the crossbar of A is much lower. Also the base of the L seems to be just as wide as the base of the E, whereas in Futura, the base of the L is shorter than that of the E.

Forgive me if I got any of those typographic terms wrong -- I'm but a newbie in this whole world!

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