Urgently seeking: Sirius

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All what I can say:

Its a lead type font.
It is NOT Sirius from Genzsch & Heyse, Schriftguss or J. John.

It might be Sirius from Berthold (1911), but I do not own a sample.

Its a Grotesk bold condensed with only capitals, digits and... Punkturen (I don't know what it means in english, sorry).

Does someone know, if the Berthold Sirius is a Grotesk condensed type?
Or does someone have a sample and can upload a quick scan, just to see it once?

Thanks in advance,


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No idea?

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

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Anybody know what this might be?

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Sorry Georg, you are the lead type specialist here!
A query at Global Type/Digitaler Seemann (I guess you tried this anyway) brings up only the faces you’ve ruled out …
Who claims that this typeface exists?/What is your source?

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Hello Florian,
well - I own approx. 16 kg of it. Packed 1976 by Sellner, a dealer of used lead letter fonts. They were pros like I am. And if they wrote Sirius, there is a real chance, it is a font called Sirius.

Yes, I checked (my own) Seeman handbooks (and all others from the big foundries, I have). The only Sirius I could not find an example from was the Berthold one. So I tried to look for an posted print anywhere in the Internet, but I failed.

Its no beautiful Grotesk. Its heavy, its old and with exception of a full character set I gave it back to lead (melted it again).

But you know: There are the types... so of course I have to know its name, understand? :)
A lead font without name, roundry, year of first production AND artist, who designed it, is only some kilo of lead, nothing else. To identify an unknown lead font gives it back zu life...

Tomorrow I'll make some pictures of the character set and post it. May be someone has an idea. I thought, Mike Yanega might own an old Berthold font book and he'ld help...

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

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