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Hi there,

I am recently creating a font for a band. Their name is "the drei - gottes vorband" which means "the three - god's support act". Don't be distracted by the name, it's nothing religious.
The band's concept is having fun with funny lyrics and being a wannabe rock musician without really knowing how to play their instruments.

This is why I made it look rough and not precisely elaborated. Which kind of music would you associate it with? I'm doubting a little, that it fits with rock music.

What do you think so far?


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The main potential problem with this design is that it might be useless in a few months when the fat font fad fades.

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This is great!

It makes me think of Leningrad Cowboys or Six-String Samurai or The Monks -- like a avant-garde punk band that came out of Eastern Europe or Communist Russia in the late Sixties.

The R is my favorite and the I, S, and Z are particularly nifty.

I want to see the numbers!

When/where can we download this font once it's done?


P.S. And don't worry about this looking useless -- even if it was just catering to a fad, which it isn't, the fat font fad comes back around every few years. :)

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Thanks for your comments,

I see, that it follows a fad. But this in no reason to stop doing experiments.

I don't think, that this font will be downloadable too soon. This version is created in Illustrator. I don't have any experience with Fontlab or other font-tools.
But maybe it's done, when there will be the next fat font fad...

Those are the numbers:

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"fat font fad fades"

Just wanted to repeat that as it's so fun to say.

Yea, it's fat, but still fairly unique, IMHO. I like it.

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I think that the two diagonal sides of the 7 (and the ?, Z, and S) are at slightly different angles. That looks odd.

Could you post a high-resolution version or a PDF? I might be able to notice more quirks like that if you do.


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I like! Very much so!

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I can't see the letters (CMYK image perhaps?) but the numbers are super cool.

- Lex

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