ALS Agrus

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new decorative italic is published by Art.Lebedev studio

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This is really lovely.

I'm sure this will seem naive. This really seems to have been designed first for Cyrillic and second for Latin. Is this true? Or am I just imaging the shapes.

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Miss Tiffany, you right!
both scripts were done together, but cyrillic went to the step ahead

thank you!

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Andrij, this is marvelous. Gooseberry indeed. Bravo!

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thank you very much, crossgrove!

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I would like to know why the D looks like the one used in English (ou Latin languages) and not like a real cyrillic D (Д д)
It confuses me.
Thanks a lot!

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hello fcsm,

it is not latin, but normal cyrillic script forms. pupils writes in elementary school some similar to this -Д-

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