Looking for font similar to ITC Bauhaus

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I am looking for a font similar to ITC Bauhaus. I did find some alternatives like: Pump, Blippo, Moderna but I'm not satisfied with them. They look 'outdated' to me. Not trendy (contemporay is a better word) enough. Important is the font has no spur or serif. It doesn't need to be complete round.

Thanks for your help.


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How about the Chalet fonts from House industries - specifically Paris 70, London 70, New York 70 & Tokyo.


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oooh, adore the Chalet fonts!

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Thanks for your suggestions. I have also been looking further and did find:

Co Font (maybe a little to soft but a very nice font)

Kaliber (a bit farther away from Bauhaus but a 'sturdy' type)


But more suggestions are stil welcome. Like a said before. It is important the font has no spur or serif. It doesn't need to be completly round like the Bauhaus but it musn't look to techno


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Here are the original "spurless" humanist sans serifs:

FF Cocon
FF Max
FF Sari
FF Dax and the improvement: FF Daxline

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FF Cocon and FF Max are nice. Thanks Stephen.

What do you mean with 'the original'?


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Appearing in 1995, FF Dax is particularly considered the originator of the trend.

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