Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Ouija board

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Just stumbled across this clip for the upcoming album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; ‘Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!’
It shows an esoteric and quite complicated way of accessing characters (reminded me of the tape embossing label-makers with a turning wheel) via a – however nicely designed – Ouija board.

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And what is that typeface?

Actually, I really appreciate this as I have been trying to remember the writer of a short story I was quite fond of (that had to do with a decrepit angel). Nick Cave, of course.



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I don't know if the original face used by William Fuld on the classic Ouija board has or had a name, but Harold Lohner made a digital version you can have for free called Captain Howdy. Harold has made two other Ouija board fonts -- Mystic Prophet, and another one I can't remember the name of.

j a m e s

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Yeah, you’re right, James: Here are links for Mystic Prophet and Captain Howdy. The third one is Sideshow.

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