Pince-nez, my first font

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After some days trying to design my (almost) first font I decided that I needed some opinion and critique from the rest of the world.


pince-nez.pdf9.68 KB
pince-nez-text.pdf15.22 KB
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Wow, this is very nice!
I really like the slight waisting in the stems and the corners inside the counters. I'd like to see how it works in paragraph setting.
Very impressive for a first font! Are you self-taught?

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I love it!

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BRAVO BRAVO! awesome job! has a really nice feel to it!

tell me if i'm wrong but
one thing i see is the lowercase s
it seems to be a bit too small.
(see 5th line in the text the word sua)


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Oh, thanks. I'm not-so-self-taught: I’ve attended a short course in Milano (Politecnico) in September.
I’ve uploaded a new pdf with more text, so you can see how it works in a paragraph. My main doubt is about the consistence of stem’s width and curve width.

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I have doubts about the descenders of j and y, but it's hard to be sure until you set some text in a language that includes them.

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Very pop stylish...

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