DSTYPE's new site and new typefaces

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We announce the release of the new html website, easy to use and to bookmark.
Along with the new site... some new typefaces:

Prelo (http://www.dstype.com/prelo.html)
Glosa (http://www.dstype.com/glosa.html)
and Estilo Text, (http://www.dstype.com/estilo_text.html)

all with pdf's available for download.

Comments are welcome.
Dino dos santos

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I love prelo and prelo slab. Your new site is great!


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The new site is definitely an improvement. Nicely done. Great to see that happening. (As nice as the flash thingie was / may have been, it wasn't quite useful. No direct linking, for example.)

Oh, and by the way, most of your typefaces are just breathtakingly beautiful.


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Estilo Text is now available at TypeTrust...


... and I've put together a PDF as well...



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You already know I love the new site and the new faces. I just can't believe how quickly you pump out these amazing families so quickly as well as finding the time to do countless redesigns of your site. I could certainly use some masterful lessons in Dino's world of time management.

Fantastic as always!

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Thanks guys!

I must be a very boring person, since I do nothing else than work.
For me, time management, is working all the time I can.

The new typefaces (Glosa and Prelo) took me 8 months of hard work,
while the website took 4 days to release.

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Lookin' good, Dino!

Eight months? Kid stuff.

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Dino, your work called my attention years ago. Since then, I usually go to your website to see what's new.
The website works well, I just miss more samples of your fonts at small sizes. It will be good to see how they look on two or more paragraphs.
By the way, now I'm using Andrade and Leitura in the design of a brazilian publication (I'm still working on it).

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I'm curious as to what has happened to the older typefaces? I know that a few are expecting release as Opentype families, but what about the rest?

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I understand your concern.
I'll try to solve that in the next upgrade.
As soon as you finish the magazine, send me some sample images.

The older fonts are still waiting to be released in OpenType.

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I want to buy Prelo. But it isn't possible at myfonts or Veer. Where can i buy this nice font?

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Jawbox, contact the folks at TypeTrust. They handle DSType's retail sales. Even if Prelo isn't on their site yet, there's a possibility they would sell it to you.


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