Sam Berlow and Cyrus Highsmith on Presidential fonts...

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Of interest...

Font Bureau predicts it will be McCain vs Obama. Maybe they'll review the Patriots and Giants logos in next week's Globe?

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McCain's has that Stalinist look to me and Clinton looks like Bush's did in the last election. Huchabee's just sucks.


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Interesting that the Globe would pick type designers to comment, rather than graphic designers. We must be going up in the world.
Nice job by the guys in keeping it simple, explaining some features and not assuming prior knowledge, but too bad they didn't ID the typefaces -- that's kinda dumbing it down.

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oh brother... :0)

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Well, the Globe is set in Font Bureau fonts, isn't it? It would make sense then, that they'd have Sam & Cyrus in their rolodex.

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Just want to note they left out Ron Paul.

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