Georges' logo high-contrast 70s serif face

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What ho!

hopefully this will be a simple one.... what is the typeface please?

chin chin

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Thank you sir!

Modern no 20 is similar but not quite the same.

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Seems pretty close to Pistilli Roman, although this 's' looks thinner. We've talked about this typeface before, and if there is a digital version, that may be what this is. The sample I am seeing is in the Phil's Photo 'Homage to the Alphabet' book, and is a film type.

- Mike Yanega

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A quick Google search of Typophile found several places where we talked about Phil Martin's Didoni being the closest digital version to Pistilli Roman. I think that might be your answer.

- Mike Yanega

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Thank you, that is much closer. I appreciate both of your assistance.

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i've loved Pistilli ever since Mark mentioned it a few years back. (actually Nov. 2003)

here's Pistilli



this mark is from a restaurant in Philadelphia ...

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perhaps it's an offshoot of the font they are using on the site?

link to the first Pistilli thread

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Thank you very much Pistilli is great. Has it been made digital or is there just Didoni?

bjharvey, any relation to Polly Jean?

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ashley, there's a link below the above graphic to the first Pistilli thread. No, it hasn't been made digital.

re: nickname ... old name from 6 years ago when I happened to be listening to Polly Jean a bit. :)

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hi ashley,
why don't you email the designer
i'm sure he'll help you out!

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May i know where can I purchase that typeface ?

loving it

thank you

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it's ITC Didi

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And the ITC Didi clue then yields Paratype's Didona. Nice catch, Johannes.

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fyi, fluxism is the creator of the original logo at top. nice work man.

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