Serif typeface with personality needed

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As the title says...
Let me explain what I mean: I need the elegance of a serif font that will be used for titling on very large formats. So I want to have some innovative elements, to add more personality.
Take a look at the attached image. Is the Didot Elder by Optimo. I was tempted to use this one, just because the small "g" and some caps are very interesting, but some serifs are a litte "diabolic" (look at the "s" and "z").
Maybe can you suggest me another serif typeface with cool personality?

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Try Jean François Porchez's Ambroise

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thank you, but too vert/horz contrasted for my purpose. is very similar to didot elder without the devilish elements. i'm ready to consider other style also.

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Tribute could be an option. DTL Paradox is probably less distinctive in comparison, but still may be worth looking at.

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tribute is a good serif font. there is something of more original?

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Have a look at Hercules. The reg. is nice and thin but the text version has a good heavy feel and no quirky details. Very short descenders. Maybe not enough personality for you.

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I'm actually trying to manually edit curves from an existing font. I think my meaning of original is hard to describe. When finished done i'll post some screenshot.
So far, thank you to anyone.

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I feel exactly the same as you do about Didot Elder. I knew the arrow serifs would prevent it from being widely used. Ambroise is really your best alternative.

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Leitura Display and Freight Big and/or Display are pretty good (understatement).

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Thank you to everyone, so far.
I'm currently working to preview of my work.
Feedback expected :)

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What about Trajan?

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4tm, due to your first Didot Typeface preference, I´ve tried Didot from H&FJ ... What do you think?



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Eidetic Neo has deliciously quirky details and a remarkable italic.

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What about that one:

Andrade Pro from DSType

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@ TypoPT: I take Didot Elder because his "strange" glyphs, and I was searching for something that could be original in the same way, but not devilish. Plain version of Didot is interesting but not so original...

Andrade Pro is awesome. I think all of DSTYPE are awesome.

By the way, I manually edited a font to create some original serif, and you can see it now :

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Almost forgot Perla.

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You might use a lot of "g's" but "z's". look at the big picture the characters you will most use.

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4tm, you are right about DSType, Dino dos Santos is a portuguese typographer, so i know quite well his work! He has lot a sucess here at PT.
Your "manual" exercise is almost there ... see again the "n", i think you must "condense it" a little more! But its just my eyes! :))

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I used Eplica for a project a little while back and really liked it.

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