Which symbolfont to go with Tarzana?

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For a city-signage-project I am going to use Emigre Tarzana.
I am in search of a matching dingbats-font. (Arrows, icons ecc).
So far I have been considering FF Info, FF Transit.
Any idea appreciated.

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Wow, Tarzana is a fairly idiosyncratic face for public wayfinding. I commend your bravery. I really think any basic arrows will do. You don't want them to be too stylized, especially when they are meant to direct people quickly and clearly.

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Stewf may commend your bravery, but I question your wisdom. Is the “city” in question Tarzana? Sort of like setting the poster for O Brother, Where Art Thou? in Brothers?

Joe Clark

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You are both right. I have been pondering that choice for a while myself. But its a small project for a small city, whose CI-font is Tarzana. Still I have to do final testing in 1/1 scale.

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You'd be better off using something proven, and compatible, in the field, so to speak, and then, perhaps, having the name of the city (much smaller) in Tarzana (if at all) on the signs.

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The signage, besides giving direction to pedestrians, is supposed to transport identity and image for that place. It does not need to be too classical, as long as it works. All the touristic material for this small city, all the posters ecc. are set in Tarzana. Can’t upload examples right now, as I am out of office on my laptop.

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