(x) Esquire Magazine Sans - Crank 8 {BJ}

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I picked up a copy of Esquire Magazine (which I don't normally read) this month and am smitten with the san they use throughout. Can anyone tell me what it is (or if it's even available)? Here's the cover -- it's all over it (the one used in "The Naked Truth About Women", for example).

Thanks in advance!Esquire 042004

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FWIW, I think the W, K, and w are probably the characters that should give this one away! :-)

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Fabio was asking me about this font the other day... we got nowhere. He was smitten by the font and the woman, too.

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The woman is great, but the font is even better. Wait, what does that say about me? :-)

The uppercase U is also pretty distinctive...


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I'm sorry, did someone say there was type on this cover? Where is it? All I see is Rachel Weisz and a snake.

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Damnit Dave -- I was counting on you! :-)

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Ole first mentioned this typeface in the Oban thread, iirc.

i believe it's Crank 8 designed by Henk Elenga and Greg Lindy

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I tried both Identifont.com and WhatTheFont with no luck. :-(

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I wish I could help, but, you know, I'm just on my way out the door. Gotta run an errand near a magazine stand...

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I think you nailed it, BJ. Damn, I was hoping it'd be more readily available. Ah well.



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What an excellent ID, BJ!

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Crank 8. I bought a book about Henk Elenga a year ago which was it's first use. I believe is is about $100 from instersection studios. At the time there was of course no mention of typeface
designer nor source. When Greg Lindy first surfaced (in my serach) it was with his font releases with Thirstype. I bought Section which is also quite nice.

Sample from book


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