Need a crit?

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Would like to get your impressions. This is a new face I have just started, and I would like to get some feedback.


unamed font

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it looks nice in most areas. some problems for me are in the sharp corners found in the N, and the very awkward tail of the j/J. the tail of the y is much better resolved. also, i think the capitals R and P are a little weak, maybe making them wider will help. in the lowercase alphabet, the a seems most out of place and unfitting.

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Very friendly looking. I'd enjoy seeing a few sample headlines set in mixed case. My eyes are stopping particularly on the cap S and Z - which seem heavier than the rest of the uppercase. I like the quirkiness of the stroke junction I the X/x, and wonder if this could be applied elsewhere in the font - perhaps R or K? The little beard serif on the cap G made me smile.

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Brad: It would be interesting to see a text set. Can you post?

My initial thought is that the J/j combo is not working as Loren mentioned. The lowercase a stands out to me as well. The squared edge seems to work better on the e. I do like the beard on the G...although I'm not fond of it on the s. Perhaps it would look better on the lowercase u (like the cap)?

I look forward to seeing more!

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Here are some revistions to the typeface. I changed the lowercase a, Fixed the J/j pair, Rounded the N, Thined down the Z, anded the beadrd to the u, and made the P & R wider. Please let me know what you think, and thank you for all your input.


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I also added the Xx intersection the the Kk, and am wondering on your thoughts on these different a's.


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Hi Brad,

Much improved. A couple of observations:

-- The top cross bars on the E and F seem droopy and tired. Perhaps handle it like the letter T? (With the T: the horizontal stroke seems heavier than the vertical stroke.)

-- The J's are improved, but could still be shortened a tad.

-- How would it look if the leg of the R dipped below the baseline?

-- I can see you are struggling with the lowercase a. What if you simply mimicked the bowl of the d? (See my horribly rendered version get the idea.)

Anyway, keep massaging it and it will start to shine!!

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Good call on the R. I tried bringing it under the baseline. I like it a bunch. I also like you idea for the a. I think it need a bit of polishing, but I think both ideas helped a bunch... I also tried the E & F. I think I like it more, but I have to sleep on it to be sure.

Thanks Again

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