How bad is setting text in AvantGardeGothic, BenguiatGothic, Bauhaus?

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Hi everyone,

I need critiques of these typefaces:

Avant Garde Gothic
Benguiat Gothic

It's for a project that serves as a cautionary tale for new designers against using these faces for text, or setting them at all. Please be frank, and hold nothing back. I need some good juicy bits for my project.

So go on, how bad are they really?

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if you can't tell, just try setting 10pt. text and compare them.
You eyes will ultimately be the judge, not suggestions or juicy bits.

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Yes, agreed! But i need concrete info for this project. Which is why i'm looking for designers opinions on these fonts. :)

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They're highly stylistic and indicative of very specific design periods. So, it's just an issue of using them appropriately.

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Personally, I think that it is hard to make any of them look good, though people have on occasion, for display. Definitely not in text.

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