Deconstructing Ed Benguiat. Please help.

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Hi there, Newbee here.

If anyone knows... How many of Ed Benguiat's fonts were 'based' on designs by other people? I know ITC Souvenir was originally Benton's, I'm wondering how many others were? Were a lot of Benguiat's fonts based on Benton's designs? Any help muchly appreciated.

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Why specifically Ed Benguiat?
There were quite a few designers whose handiwork became part of ITC's Type Library.
Anyway, much of what Ed did earlier was really part of PLINC's collection, and much of that were variants of older showcard and display designs.

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At each of the links below, you should be able to click on an item, or its details, and see all of the authors for any given font on which Benguiat worked:

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