Looking for any faces that have a "y" w/ a notch where the two strokes join

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I'm looking for any faces that have a lower case y like the one in neo sans


Specifically the notch where the two bars come together


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Officina, sans and serif

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Fedra, FF Typestar, FF Meta, FF Signa, Modus, Klavika -- just to add some more.

- Mike Yanega

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FF Info too

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Miss Tiff means to say anything from Erik Spiekermann ;-)

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I don’t know how permissive you are …
Is Eurostile’s ‘y’ still okay?
Several fonts by Jos Buivenga have this feature too, i.e. Anivers, Fertigo & Fontin.
And Friz □, albeit very subtle.

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@Jan: Exactly. ;^) My textexpander quick key for href had stopped working so I was being terribly lazy. (I hate it when the registration clears on something which you've already paid.)

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

"Is Eurostile’s ‘y’ still okay?"

I'm working on a possible wordmark so right now I'm looking for anything I can find. I liked the general feel that neo sans gave but I wanted something a little wider that it offered.

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Absara Sans has a slight notch.

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Storm's Dyna Grotesk also has slight notchs.

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Urbana by César Puertas.

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