Improving church logo

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I'm perpetually visually curious, and I've been playing around with the logo for the church I work at. I'm curious what people think – whether I've improved (or dis-improved) the logo.

Mine's on top, set in an Eisner+Flake Giovanni small caps (with serifs tweaked a bit).

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Well, from a no-more-faux-small-caps perspective, yours is certainly better. I want the shield/crest to be bigger, as it is in the original. I just prefer the balance, particularly in light of the added weight. Also, the 'W' could stand to snuggle up to the 'N' just a bit. Perhaps you could to a little custom work on the join where the serifs will overlap?

Overall, I think it's a subtle improvement, unless the client doesn't like the heavier feel of the type. I admit I prefer the weight of the bottom version, other issues aside. But that's a matter of personal taste.

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Here's another stab at it, with a vrai caps created from the faux.

Which is preferred?

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