Your comments about my logo...

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Hi everyone,
i'm waiting your idea and comments about that logo samples of computer company as my customer..
Thank you so much everyone !

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Can you tell us more about it? The spacing on the word computer doesn't quite feel right to me in versions 124&5. The R feels cramped. This design feels hasty to me. I think you may want to keep going but before you do come up a clear idea of what the logo should mean or perhaps feel like to customers. Before you choose something you need to know why you are choosing it. I hope this is helpful.

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In this instance, it seems that the combination of an italic font and a straight-up enclosure doesn't work.

I agree with Eben regarding the R in the computer enclosure.

All that said, I like number five the best.

Good luck!

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I agree with Raymond.

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actually, this logo will be used in my customer's
e-commercial web page.. and the other parts of this web page, will be designed by me ..
I'm thinking,the colors that using of the logo in this project..

if u need to give a point to my best work, what was it my point by 10 system.. ??

and this is the last instance ..
thank u again for your valuable comments..

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Maybe we have misunderstood each other. What do you mean by point by 10 system ?

To be clear; we are not giving a rating to the design just saying the last example ( number 5) looks best to us. Maybe you understood this.

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I think he means...on a rating of one to ten, one being the worst, how would you rate my logo. I think.

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Put that way I would have to say I don't know. Maybe it's perfect. Maybe it's a huge mistake. I don't have enough context/information to judge.

My impression is that this design is being made as an abstraction with no relationship to the goals especially the marketing goals of the company. Maybe that's not true but it is how it will seem without more context.

If that is the case; if there is no clearly identified goal; then you are just throwing your design dart randomly. You might succeed in the design but the chances are very low!

Design is an applied art - as in with a purpose. It's not effective if it just copying the popular design tropes or is made as self-expression like fine arts.

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The logo feels fine to me but you need some marketing attached to it initially. Explain the business with a tag line. Is it hardware or software or a service? You can see how a potential customer could become confused. Make it clear and straight forward, once the brand is established you can drop the tag line.

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