LWFN font just doesn't load on my system, need help really bad

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I'm new to this forum and not sure if this topic was discussed before, since I couldn't find a search field anywhere. I'm in a middle of a project and just can't load the font to my Mac Pro 10.5.1 desktop system. I actually had the client put the fonts on a CD for me, since e-mailing or ftp didn't work. Looks like it's a PostScript Type 1 outline font. I tried to load it with Lynotype font Explorer and also Suitcase, but it didn't work. I'm out of my wits and can't proceed working on my project until I have this issue resolved. Any ideas? I included a screenshot of the one of the font icons.

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You need the FFIL file (the printer font --LWFN; the screen font -- FFIL)

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I have other LWFN fonts load up fine. Do you know where the FFIL fonts are stored? It seams more like the data fork got corrupted when the fonts got burned on a CD or transfered via e-mail or ftp. Just not sure how to get around that.

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If the fonts were ever sent via ftp or email and were saved as a .zip archive chances are the files were stripped of the dataforks. Your best bet would be to either have them send you a .sit archive of the same fonts or contact the foundry from which they were licensed for you to use and ask for a new copy.

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Pretty sure it's the datafork issue. I did some more research and it seams like an issue with LWFN fonts. I try to get them directly from the foundry. Thanks again for your advise.

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> chances are the files were stripped of the dataforks

Actually, what gets stripped is the resource fork.

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So what is the best way of obtaining fonts from my client, if e-mail, burning CD and ftp doesn't work? Any idea?

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Oops. Miguel is right.

The best way would be for them to have the foundry email them directly to you.
The second best way would be for them to "stuff them" (using Stuffit) and email them to you.

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Thanks again all for the good advise.

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I had someone contact me yesterday with a similar problem with one of my fonts.
Turns out his "client" had sent him the printer font, but not the suitcase.
Oh, and he didn't have a licence.

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