Free (GPL like), legal font license required

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I want to publish a typeface I'm working on (which I hope will form part of a small family) and need to include a license. I've been trying to find an appropriate free license, along the lines of the GPL/copyleft which might cover any nasties/abuses happening later.

I'm aware that there are issues with GPL licenses in fonts. (See here: So it needn't be a GPL license. I just can't find an appropriate, simple license text specific to font distribution.

Essentially it needs to cover my free distribution, future free distribution (license intact) and my copyright.

Anyone with a similar license they use?

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* The FreeType license was designed as a license for the FreeType rendering engine (a software library) not as a license for fonts.

* Recently Bruce Perens in his blog article Warning: SIL Open Font License has expressed some concern about SIL's Open Font License claiming: "There appears to be an unintended loophole that would allow the conversion of any font under the license to public domain."

* There is a "Font Exception" which can be tagged onto the end of the GPL to make it suitable for fonts ~ however the author of that subsequently wrote an article on Font Licensing and the GPL in which he expressed some reservations.

- Chris

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Good Luck. I have been looking for the same thing with no success.

I'll be watching to see what you come up with.


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