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ive just registered a new domain ( ) to showcase my design work and i've decided to go all out and create an identity package for myself. here is a link to the swf file so you can zoom in and check it out. comments appreciated. thanks.

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hi russ

first, why the dots in the name? do they stand for anything special or are they just design? the color scheme, albeit warm and balanced, is unusual for a design company. I judge the design in terms of client relevance and I find no connection point. It says technical to me, rather than warmth and creativity. The layout is nice, I like it the most of all.


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link to pdf. I can really see what's going on as graphic seems too small to critique

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link to pdf. I can't really see what's going on as graphic seems too small to critique

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Ole, you can zoom in Flash... Option click I think.

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Right-click for the more, savvy/literate PC users ;-P


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the reason for the dots is becase i would like to have a more interesting visual element in my identity system. a purely typographic solution wouldve worked but that wouldve definetly pushed it more towards the technical and cold direction you were talking about. im a fan of minimal design and grid systems. its the kind of design i like to do most and hopefully i can continue to work on those type of projects with my future clients.

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i like the colors. they are very soft and sympathic.

if you're printing the backside of your sheet, the negative wouldn't work well, because you will see a shadow of the front-side-logo. what do you think of punching or lasering it out. or you might try to flip the logo.

your logo "wdp" is quite rough. i think to rough for the layout and colors.

i personally dislike folded business-cards because there are a bit unpractical.

can you make a sample-letter with text? blanc letters are difficult to comment because you'll never send a blanc letter.

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its control click for mac users - the zoom thing

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