Desperate help regarding Paperback needed!

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I know I'm asking much, but here it goes:

I've chosen House's Paperback for the scheduled set of broschures. It should cover body text and, likely, heads (titles) and subheads.

I contacted House Ind. to obtain a specimen and got a 1 page pdf containing a mix of the Paperback samples, which unfortunately hasn't got more then one line of text per style. I can't properly judge a book typeface after one line sentence, so asked for a more text sample. I got answer to request a catalog, which I did in November. After a month I asked why catalog hasn't arrived yet and got an answer they sent catalogs to Europe in packages, after certain number of requests in this direction had lined up. This unfortunately seems not to had happened yet...

Now, the deadlines are coming and I'd like to stick to the Paperback idea, so I ask you fellow typophiles for help.

Maybe some of you have a Paperback specimen with considerable amount of text set (to judge the color of the text) in the Paperback 9pt and title set in the Paperback 96pt?

Or maybe some lucky license owner could prepare an "Lorem ipsum" pdf for me (9pt Paperback text, 30p0 column width and some 96pt title)?

Or at least please say, if you are satisfied after you've seen the Paperback offset printed and tell me what kind of publication you used it for an what kind of paper has it been printed?

BIG BIG BIG thanks in advance,


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Antoni what kind of catalogue are you doing? Paperback is a very distinct scotch roman. I really love how it looks in their catalogue, but I also know it isn't something that could be used for every project.

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maybe I confused the term "broschure", it'll be an additional title to our magazine, 40-60 pages. Subjects planned so far are the law and the medicine. Mainly text, half of it editorial stuff ragarding subject, other half case studies. I want the text page to be reach in color. Paper: Galerie Art silk 130gm2, color 4+4.

1st half:

2nd half:

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Antoni, perhaps I'm getting things confused too. So you will *only* use paperback for headlines and larger type? Could be interesting to use it in that way as long as you are using the correct optical sizes. Many designers might have the urge to use incorrect optical sizes just to exaggerate the letter shapes, but for your uses too much style might not be in order.

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Tiffany, I'll try to explain myself clearly :)

Planned use of paperback (in appropriate optical sizes):
1. body text 9pt (set in 1 column - screen 1 - layout sketch)
2. body text 9pt (set in 3 colums - screen 2 - layout sketch)
3. subheads, leads (intros) and headlines.

Point 3. might change into some kind of bland grotesque which most likely will cover sidebar texts.

BTW I got a paperback pdf sample which gives me a chance to evaluate the font.

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Thanks for explaining Antoni. I think it will add warmth to the page. Hopefully the sample you received can show that to you. I'm not sure an all serif approach is the best, however, and might suggest you find a sans.

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Antoni – I have used Paperback in books. I first used it in a pastiche of an old mass-market paperback, so of course the typeface was perfect, but I've just put it to use again, in a larger book of fiction. It ought to work quite well for your purposes, I think, judging from the samples you've shown.

There's one thing to keep in mind, though, about Paperback: it's quite wide, so you may want to use a smaller size than you would expect, especially in narrow columns. It's not an "economical" typeface, in that sense.

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Tiffany and John, thanks for your comments.
John, the width of Paperback is among the features I'm seeking, as 1-column part is much more important than 3-column one.

I decided to give Paperback a try.


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in an unrelated note I received a House industries catalog last friday and I am located in Europe ( France )

Requested it back december I believe.

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Maybe I'll get mine soon.

I requested it November 29. Location: Poland

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