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Hello all,
Random question- I know many of you are in the advertising business and I was wondering what printers you have. My business had bought and epson stylus pro about 3 months ago and it is such a headache to deal with Leopard and all the CS3 programs. So we are thinking about switching to Laser form InkJet. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

Thanks in advance

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What kind of documents do you need to print? Are you in the advertising business as well?

At the agencies where I've worked, they usually have Canon laser copiers... usually, the CLC 1180.

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Yes I am in the advertising business too. We need it to print comps. I would say the color and the easiness to use is the most important. I will def. check out the Canon. Thanks.

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I use laser printers ranging from cheap winprinter up to a well-maintained Xerox docutech at home, school and work. For most of what I do, laser output is faster, easier, and the color is good enough—especially once I get used to tweaking an image to print well on laser. In my experience Epson printers aren’t worth the hassle if there’s any other option; their engineers cannot developer a good paper feed system to save their lives. At my current office we don’t even bother with the headaches associated with inkjets; any job big enough to need inkjet work is done at a print shop.

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Epson inkjets are cheaper initially but the costs really go up once you start buying paper and toner. Plus if you don't use the machine very regularly the heads gum up. I can't say I really recommend them.

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