What's wrong with this title?

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Actually, I meant it typographically :-)

So? (Or is it just me?)

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I guess that you are referring to the 2 as old style figure with the WW caps--at least if it reads in Georgia, as on my machine. The usual way is to refer to WW II, which I guess avoids the problem, as would a lining figure.

Something tells me that this is not the biggest of people's worries about that headline :)

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The lack of ligature in financial?

Maybe it is just you.

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Soros is a person, not a financial crisis.

This would have made more sense:

Worst financial crisis since WW2 --Soros

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Soros is a person, not a financial crisis.

I've spoken to those who would disagree with you there... ;)

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Yes, William got it! I meant the old-style figure next to WW... For all caps abbrevs please do use lining figures! (I see that on the web authors don't have control over the font choice, even less so on glyph choice, but then, for god's sake, use roman numeral II, as it _is_ commonplace for WW II.

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pedants and sesquipeds.

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Hi Luke,

Talking of newspapers do you have any thoughts on Ben Preston's departure from The Times...

http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/feb/04/thetimes.newsinternational -

was the font/redesign seen as a success, or did they balls it up?

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