Barry Deck: where are you?

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¶Hi there; long time listener, first time caller–

¶I am doing a project which includes Deck's Template Gothic, and I need to get hold of him to let him know i'm using it, and I think he may just be interested.
¶It's for the DetAD student brief to redesign FUSE.
¶If anyone can shed some light on an email address (the one on his website is dead, and says to call some lady, but I can't afford to call across the Atlantic on my mobile!), that would be helpful.

¶Ta ta for now.


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Uhm, what’s wrong with using his Postal-address?

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Because it will take too long– I would like to know what he says within the week.

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try (seriously)

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Is that

does he not do much anymore, looking at the state of his website?

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Patrick, the reason for spelling an address "occupant-AT-..." instead of "occupant@..." is to keep evil spambots from harvesting said address for their nefarious purposes... :-)

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I didn't know they did that. You learn something new every day. Well I **** that one then– but it did look like the address was written like that because of the bracketed adjective.

I've sent one off, let's see if I get a reply.


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