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Hi, once again!
I'm getting more and more excited about typography, i can't say i'll leave the design but... i would like to do types too!

So, maybe this was already asked but... i'm having classes with Dino dos Santos but as obviously it isn't in an year only with two weekly hours that i'll learn everything. So ... how do you council me to do ? how to start making types? everything like that! helpful tips, some kind of how-to, about concept... i don't know....

that's the help i need this time

Thanks a lot,
Joel Santos

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Check in the Typowiki section first. There are lots of tips and links and resources. Also check out book sections.

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I've seen the How-to Section but that's not what i'm looking for, i'm not searching for a really how-to what i'm looking for is something like how to draw a sans-serif, what is a beautiful type that kind of stuff, theoretic stuff see what i mean? Where do i start doing my types... something like that.
Of course i know that there isn't much a formula for a well done type but something that helps me through it.
For example... i would like now to do a pixel font. What steps should i take?

Joel Santos // youremin
sound & visual

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Check out Logo, Font & Lettering Bible -Cabarga, Leslie. It will stoke your enthusiasm, as well as getting you started on design ideas. His "Learn FontLab Fast" is another good tool.

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About FontLab my teacher Dino dos Santos will teach in 15 days from here. More two weeks than on a class how to work with FontLab at least basis.

About the other thing... where can i find that? Is that a book? Thanks

Joel Santos // youremin
sound & visual

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