Complimentary font for Lubalin Headlines

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I am in the middle of redesigning a magazine. I would like to use Lubalin as the main headline font, but can't quite decide on a suitable body text font to go with it. We are working with Lubalin & Akkurat as a combination at the moment, but Akkurat is quite limited, and ideally we'd use a body font that also has a condensed in it's family as there are a few sections that are rather text heavy (listings/reviews).

It is for a Drum & Bass magazine named K-mag (formerly known as 'Knowledge'), based in the UK, target audience mostly males 20-30, mostly city dwellers, interested in urban art and technology/gadgets.

Previously we use Foundry as headline and Akzidenz as a body text, but we want to move away from this a bit.

Anyway, suggestions are most welcome!
Many thanks


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