(x) Kelly Clarkson "My December" album cover hybrid sans - Serifedsans {Angel}

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does anyone know what font this is from?

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Joe Kral, Test Pilot Collective have designed this one. Its called Wrongway


II remember it pretty well because it was done about a year after my first one... NEW Global
which was based on a typeface used in the magazine Details in the mid 90's. My version is
a bit more condenced though...


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This is one of David Carson's fonts: SerifedSans.


However, it's no longer available now so you may want to look at alternatives offered by Stefan et al.

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You're right I now notice the capital "C" which is different to Wronway. Thanks for pointing that out.


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thanks alot you guys! how come SerifedSans isnt available anymore?

are there any similar freefonts?

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I'm sure they're out there, but I wouldn't know.

SerifedSans is essentially Alternate Gothic 2 with serifs tacked on.

- Lex

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"SerifedSans is essentially Alternate Gothic 2 with serifs tacked on."

and it looks it. There was a lot of that mix and match stuff going on in that era.


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