Alternatives to H+FJ Knockout...

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Ok, so I have a slight predicament:

I've accepted the job of designing the demo cd for a friends band (ok, hands up who's heard that one before) and I have the idea in my head, I know almost exactly what I am going to do and instantly knew that I wanted to use Knockout for the type...

...until I realised how damn expensive it was!

Firstly it's an unpaid job, I'm doing it for my portfolio and just as a fun exercise.
Secondly, I love the font and I've always wanted to use it for something constructive.
Thirdly, I need to use about four of the thirty two 'styles' but unfortunately they cross two 'series' (A + C) which means I need to purchase both - which adds up to $338.

For the mockup I'm using Univers Condensed as I have it on my computer already, but I'm not really in love with it - but how can I justify spending that money to essentially gain so little?

So my question is, can anyone recommend any close alternatives to Knockout? I.e a beautiful San Serif Wood Type looking Condensed / Narrow font - that isn't quite as expensive?


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Maple from Process Type Foundry. It doesn't have condensed weights though.

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