searching for a 'contemporary' sansserif with an international character set..

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dear community,

as the titel suggests i am looking for suggestions concerning a sansserif typeface that..

a) features an international character set (specifically latin, greek and cyrillic)

b) provides itself in various weights (light, regular, medium, bold + italics)

c) has a modern/grotesque appeal to it but is slightly newer/fresher/more contemporary (sorry, i know it depends on ones perspective) then 'classics' like helvetica, trade, et cetera..

currently i am looking at typefaces like 'akkurat' by lineto or 'national' by klimtype which i personally really like -

the typeface is supposed to be used as a corporate typeface that will be used within a complete corporate design system.

any recommandations/suggestions are highly welcome/appreciated!

thanks a lot + kind regards,


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FF Daxline Pro, FF DIN Pro, and FF Kievit Pro have Western, CE, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets.

FF Good Pro is a grotesque and supports all these languages except Greek.

Here's a table of all OpenType FontFonts and their language support.

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i know you said grot, but if you don't mind a bit of humanism, consider:
Bliss Pro

If you like National, you might contact Kris and see if he wants to tackle Greek and Cyrillic...

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thanks a lot so far -

Daxline + Din are great, though din is not applicable in this case and daxline feels a bit overused.. Kievit i have to look into..

as well as Anselm + Bliss Pro are interesting -

the fontfeed link is absolutely great though, so thanks stephen!

The possibility of National in greek + cyrillic would be extraordinary, but it would probably take up too much time to be designed.. But maybe, who knows..

I will have a look at the fonts at ourtype (just came to mind) + get back..

I still like National the most though..

Best + thanks to you both,

so far,


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had a look at ourtype, but did not find anything i was looking for this time..

had a look at parachute - they have some really interesting fonts + always with extended character sets :)

best + if anything else comes to mind.. do not hestitate to drop a line or two..


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i'm afraid the Greek and Cyrillic of Priva are not really usable, but that's my opinion.

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thanks again for the replys..

not that easy to find many fonts that match the criteria and are a) a charm for the eyes and b) not yet overused -

parachute has some..

Privia Pro from DS Type looks interesting, though not modernist/geometric enough for the client we are working on.. I think they tend to buy Akkurat from Lineto. I will send a mail to Kris (?) from Klimtype anyway since i am personally very interested in National which i really like -

What is it about the greek and cyrillic in Privia that appears problematic to you, paul - or mr. 'bezier wrangler' as i'd might dare to to call :) ?

best, thanks + kindest regards, steffen

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What is it about the greek and cyrillic in Privia that appears problematic

as they say, the devil's in the details, and IMO Priva misses quite a few. but to be completely candid, i've had mixed reviews on my own cyrillics.

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